Uninterruptible battery power supply

We have designed and built an “eternal” battery power supply unit (PSU). In this 8-channel uninterruptible PSU, each output channel contains two batteries and a charger. One of the batteries is connected to actual output and the other is being charged.

An intelligent relay electronics swaps the batteries within few milliseconds and a large capacitor secures that the output voltage does not drop more than a few hundred millivolts during the swap. This makes it possible to connect PSU to e.g. external voltage regulators which provide uninterruptible and stable voltage to the user.

The unit has graphical display with information of battery voltages, switching interval and time before next battery swap. The user can control the unit via internet browser or via Python scripts.

In rear panel, the user is free to plug-in a wide variety of batteries and chargers.

Please contact Aivon if you are interested in hearing more.

IMG_0022_fullfront8-channel battery power supply

IMG_0023_fullrearRear panel with connections for two batteries, one charger and one output per channel.

IMG_0020_relayunitsRelay unit front panel. Leds indicate that there is voltage in output.

IMG_0017_displayGraphical display with history data and present battery voltages, switching intervals, active battery and time to next swap.

IMG_0012_rearpanelconn_smallRear panel connector.

IMG_0019_Ch2_AB_5ms_smallOscilloscope snapshot of battery swap during 0.6A discharge rate.