SMA and BNC boxes

Aivon BNC (or SMA)-box is a BNC (or SMA) jack-to-jack interconnecting box with pads for surface-mount components (size 0603) inside the box. Minimum order quantity 5 boxes. Please ask for a quotation.
IMG_1981_SMAbox_closedSMA Box.
Length without connectors 35.0 mm (with connectors 50.6 mm). Width 15.1 mm, height 10.2 mm.

IMG_1983_SMAbox_openSMA Box opened.
IMG_1974_smallBNC box has two different topologies for surface-mount components.
IMG_1975_smallBackside of BNC box.
Length without connectors 39.2 mm (with connectors 64.9 mm). Width 17.6 mm, height 12.0 mm.

IMG_1976_smallInside the BNC box.
IMG_1977_smallInside the BNC box.