Frequency and pulse distribution amplifier available

We have built 1:8 frequency and pulse distribution amplifier FDA/PDA according to open hardware design available at Open Hardware Repository. More information available also there. The amplifier is designed for applications in time & frequency metrology such as 1PPS/10MHz signal distribution from atomic clocks, GPS/GNSS-disciplined oscillators, or other precision timing applications (e.g. PTPv2/White Rabbit networks).

Each unit is delivered as a custom built evaluation kit for professional use. The customer has possibility to choose either one FDA and one PDA board or two FDA (or PDA) boards inside the aluminum enclosure. Both BNC and SMA connectors are available. Please contact us for a quotation. Before delivery of each unit the accuracy is adjusted and verified by VTT MIKES Metrology (National Metrology Institute of Finland).

Front view of FDA/PDA with BNC option.

Rear view with 230VAC input.