February 12, 2019

DualDAC 3

DualDAC 3 is a dual precision arbitrary waveform generator for metrological applications at low frequencies (0.1 Hz – 20 kHz). Waveforms are defined by two individual 16-bit DACs with sampling rate of 2Msps and maximum number of samples per period of 16384 for each channel. Amplitudes are adjustable with separate 20-bit DACs. Full scale amplitude maximum is defined by internal Zener reference of 7.15 V. DualDAC 3 is controlled by user-friendly LabView software.

DualDAC 3 front view

More information can be found from specifications and operation_manual.

DualDAC 3 is developed in collaboration with MIKES Metrology and is commercially available. Please ask for a quotation and delivery details.