October 10, 2018

Cryogenic sampleholders

Aivon sampleholders are intended for electrical measurements at low temperatures. Sampleholder base material is either aluminum or copper with optional nickel-free gold plating. Holders are fully customizable for

  • connectors (standard or non-magnetic SMP, SMA, multipin dc connectors, etc.)
  • printed circuit board (standard, high frequency, multilayer, etc)
  • size, stackability, mounting options

Below you can find some examples of our recent sampleholder designs. Please ask for a quotation for existing or custom designs.

SMP sampleholders

SMP-3, SMP-4, SMP-8

SMP-3 holder with pcb for 5 x 12 mm2 chips

SMP-4 holder with pcb for 5 x 5 mm2 chips

SMP-4 holder with DC wires to micro-D15.

side launch SMA sampleholders

SMA-4, SMA-8

SMA-4 holder with side launch panel SMA connectors

SMA-8 and SMA-4 aluminum holders

front launch SMA sampleholders

SMA-8, SMA-24

SMA-8 with front launch SMA connectors

SMA-8 holder inside view without pcb