June 3, 2019


Minitherma is a small microD-adapter for direct soldering of measurement wires to 25-pin micro-D connector. There are 4 different topologies for RC filtering of lines: RC, CR, RCR and RC with R shorted in pcb. The latter can be used as direct adapter with no filter effect. All resistors are sized 0603 and all capacitors are 0402. The customer can decide the component values or can leave components out.

Minitherma pcb is a 4-layer board where the two inner layers are ground planes which are extended to “tabs” at the sides of the board. These tabs are pressed against aluminum body.

We can also design custom pcb’s and enclosures to meet your demands.

Minitherma without outgoing wire and assembly screws.
Minitherma CR opened.
Minitherma CR opened.
Minitherma RC opened
Minitherma RCR with components soldered
Minitherma RCR