Exchangeable sample holder for electron pump devices

We have designed and manufactured cryogenic and non-magnetic sample holder with three rf connectors (SMP) and multi-pin dc connector (Omnetics, 21 lines). The design work was made in collaboration with e-Si-AMP consortium consisting of leading metrology institutes ( The holder has duplicate dc connector for grounding. This makes it possible to transport sensitive samples between Read more about Exchangeable sample holder for electron pump devices[…]

Battery swap unit

We have designed and build a battery swapping electronics “BattSwitch” that is based on our earlier uninterruptible battery source. BattSwitch can swap between 1-6 battery pairs and in addition it can contain linear voltage regulators to provide a stable and constant uninterruptible voltage supply for e.g. preamplifiers. Swapping can be controlled both manually and user-specified Read more about Battery swap unit[…]