August 12, 2015

BoBoX breakout boxes

BoBoX1, BoBoX2 and BoBoX3 are versatile breakout boxes for separating and filtering signals from a multipin Fischer connector to BNC connectors in e.g. cryostat dc wiring. Each line can be separately grounded and optional RC filtering can be added inside the unit (BoBoX3). BoBoX3 has non-isolating BNC’s (or SMA’s) whereas BoBoX1 and BoBoX2 have isolating BNC’s with possibility to individually ground the shield of each BNC. In BoBoX2, each pairs can be individually shorted together. BoBoX1 has selectacle RC filtering between each pair. User can choose the component values.

Together with cryogenic Therma filters or Minitherma adapters, these breakout boxes form an easy-to-operate and filtered wiring for cryostats.

We also provide shielded Fischer cables containing 12 twisted pairs between your equipment and BoBoX. Available commercially. Please ask for a quotation.

Please take a look at the manuals:

Manual for BoBoX3

Manual for BoBoX2

Manual for BoBoX1

Aivon can also modify the breakout boxes to take into account amounts and types of connectors (e.g. SMA, LEMO), different switching schemes and so on. Please contact us and specify your needs.


IMG_1735_front_closeupBoBoX3, front panel detail

IMG_2083_openedBoBoX3 opened. RC filter components can be soldered to pcb

BoBoX3, schematic, part 1

BoBoX3, schematic, part 2


BoBoX2 front detail

BoBoX2 rear panel

BoBoX2 opened

BoBoX2 schematic, one pair

BoBoX1 front detail, R=0, 10R, 100R, C=open, 10nF, 1uF selected by customer
BoBoX1 rear panel
BoBoX1 inside. Rear panel Fischer is soldered using twisted pair wired to each channel. Pcb grounds are collected to rear panel banana connector.