Micro-D25 adapters

We design and manufacture Micro-D25 adapters to various connector types (SMA, SMP, MCX, nano-D etc) or for direct soldering. The adapters can be single block units with all input/output connectors in single enclosure or combinations of micro-D connector, shielded cable and output connector enclosure. Aluminum enclosure as standard, Au-plated copper upon request.

Exchangeable sample holder for electron pump devices

We have designed and manufactured cryogenic and non-magnetic sample holder with three rf connectors (SMP) and multi-pin dc connector (Omnetics, 21 lines). The design work was made in collaboration with e-Si-AMP consortium consisting of leading metrology institutes (www.e-si-amp.eu). The holder has duplicate dc connector for grounding. This makes it possible to transport sensitive samples between Read more about Exchangeable sample holder for electron pump devices[…]

Automatic battery switch

We have updated the earlier BattSwitch and added automatic swapping every 12, 24 or 48 hours. By moving chargers outside the unit, the newest design is capable of producing four uninterruptible voltages. Thus, one can e.g. build up to +/-24 V regulated voltage supply. Preliminary manual available here.

Small SMP sampleholder

Upon customer’s request, we designed and built a small sampleholder with non-magnetic SMP connectors. The size of the gold-plated copper or aluminum holder is 30 mm x 30 mm. It is easy to customize this design to fit different number of connectors or other features.

Frequency and pulse distribution amplifier available

We have built 1:8 frequency and pulse distribution amplifier FDA/PDA according to open hardware design available at Open Hardware Repository. More information available also there. The amplifier is designed for applications in time & frequency metrology such as 1PPS/10MHz signal distribution from atomic clocks, GPS/GNSS-disciplined oscillators, or other precision timing applications (e.g. PTPv2/White Rabbit networks). Read more about Frequency and pulse distribution amplifier available[…]