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DualDAC3 is a dual channel audio frequency arbitrary waveform generator for metrology.

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Breakout Box

BoBoX2 and BoBoX3 are versatile breakout boxes between Fischer-24 connector and BNC/SMA connectors. Individual grounding and other options available.

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Cryogenic RC filters

Compact cryogenic RC filters with 25-pin micro-D Cinch connectors.

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Cryogenic non-magnetic sampleholders for measuring electrical properties of samples. Standard and custom designs with e.g. SMA or SMP connecctors.


Agile design and fabrication of sensors, electronics and mechanics
Custom design and manufacturing

Let us design and manufacture custom electronics and mechanics for your r&d problem. We can help in looking for funding from Business Finland or other sources. See latest news for some of our designs.

  • Schematic and layout design and simulation of sensors, amplifiers, battery-powered systems, digital electronics, etc.

  • 2D and 3D design of big and small items, front panels, 3D printed parts, sample holders, etc.

  • We can make your special cables

  • Small scale production services

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