August 12, 2015


BoBox 3 is a versatile breakout box for separating and filtering signals from a multipin Fischer connector to BNC connectors. Each line can be separately grounded and optional RC filtering can be added inside the unit. We also offer Fischer cables. BoBoX 3B has direct cable output that can be connected to user-specified connector (Fischer or other). Available commercially. Please ask for a quotation.

Aivon can also modify the breakout boxes to take into account amounts and types of connectors, different switching schemes and so on. Please contact us and specify your needs.

IMG_1743_BoBoX3_frontBoBoX 3

IMG_1735_front_closeupFront panel detail

IMG_2083_openedBoBoX 3 opened. RC filter components can be soldered to pcb

IMG_0012_BoB3B_frontBoBoX 3B front

IMG_0015_BoB3B_rear_detailBoBoX 3B rear cable output

Please see the manual for BoBoX3 for further information.