Battery swap unit

We have designed and build a battery swapping electronics “BattSwitch” that is based on our earlier uninterruptible battery source. BattSwitch can swap between 1-6 battery pairs and in addition it can contain linear voltage regulators to provide a stable and constant uninterruptible voltage supply for e.g. preamplifiers. Swapping can be controlled both manually and user-specified[…]

SMA and BNC boxes

Aivon BNC (or SMA)-box is a BNC (or SMA) jack-to-jack interconnecting box with pads for surface-mount components (size 0603) inside the box. Minimum order quantity 5 boxes. Please ask for a quotation. SMA Box. Length without connectors 35.0 mm (with connectors 50.6 mm). Width 15.1 mm, height 10.2 mm. SMA Box opened. BNC box has[…]

Uninterruptible battery power supply

We have designed and built an “eternal” battery power supply unit (PSU). In this 8-channel uninterruptible PSU, each output channel contains two batteries and a charger. One of the batteries is connected to actual output and the other is being charged. An intelligent relay electronics swaps the batteries within few milliseconds and a large capacitor[…]