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DualDAC2 is a dual channel audio frequency arbitrary waveform generator for metrology.

Breakout Box

BoBoX3 is a breakout box between Fischer 24-pin connector and 24 BNC connectors. Each line has individual shorting option.

Cryogenic RC filters

Compact cryogenic RC filter with 25-pin Cinch connectors.


Agile design and fabrication of sensors, electronics and mechanics as well as cloud/mobile apps
Custom design and manufacturing

Let us design and manufacture custom electronics, mechanics and cloud/mobile applications for your r&d problem. We can help in looking for funding from TEKES or other sources. See latest news for some of our designs.

  • Electronics design

    Schematic and layout design and simulation of sensors, amplifiers, battery-powered systems, digital electronics, etc.

  • Mechanical design

    2D and 3D design of big and small items, front panels, 3D printed parts, sample holders, etc.

  • IoT applications, cloud and mobile

    We can realize your internet cloud, wireless and mobile applications. Our portfolio includes nfc, bluetooth, wifi, sigfox and lora.

  • Cables

    We can make your special cables

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